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What We Do

​​Intenseffex is a retail and event management and  consulting service which provides unique and extreme environments for the modern entertainment and personal landscapes. We offer Executive Production and
Marketing Services,  special and practical effects design as well as decor for those with an intense vision. Our clients include Escape Room Companies, Gala Events, and National Television and Movie
Productions. Intenseffex also specializes in fundraising consulting & private / commercial design and decor services for those who wish to express the
ultimate personalized environments. 





What We Do

​Escape Room Design/Implementations, Special and Practical Effects, Technical Effects, Event Production and Marketing, Custom Decor Environments, Specialty Acquisitions and re-Sale

How We Do It

Networking with over 17 partners and specialists in design plus detailed project management. Hell, I just know a lot of cool people!


Escape Manor Inc., Stittsville Haunted Heritage Tours, CBC Television and AMC, Mystery Motel, The Hintonburg Seance, Jaymes White Entertainment, The Seance.

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